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Chita Hotels (Zabaykalsky region)


Name: Chita

Country: Russia

Time zone: UTC+8

Area: 534 sq. km

Population: 0,335 million (2014)

Founded in: 1653

Climate: extremely continental

Average temperature: -31,2°C to -10°C in winter, 8,7°C to 25,9°C in summer

Area code: +7 (3022)

Airports: Kadala

Train stations: Chita

Bus stations: Chita

Religious buildings: Orthodox: Resurrection of Christ Cathedral, Kazan Icon of the Mother of God Church, Transfiguration Church; Protestant: Evangelical Christians-Baptists Church; Muslim: Mosque; Judaist: Synagogue; Buddhist: "Damba Braybunling" Datsan

Architectural landmarks: V.N. Konovalov Estate, Architect G.V. Nikitin House, Merchants Shumovs House, F. Bergut House, Vtorov Passage, Michael the Archangel Church, Zabaikalsky Military District Headquarters building, Fire Department building, Post and Telegraph building

Statues and memorials: P.I. Beketov, N. Muravyov-Amurskiy, V.I. Lenin, V.N. Podgorbunskiy, I.S. Babaylov, Border Guards, Fighters for Soviet Power in Transbaikalia, Victims of Political Repressions Memorial Sign, Internationalist Soldiers Memorial Sign, "XXI Century" Memorial Sign

Museums: A.K. Kuznetsov Transbaikal Regional History Museum, "Decembrists' Church" Museum, Siberian Military District Military Glory Museum, Trans-Baikal Railway Museum, Geological Museum, Fine Arts Museum, Border Guards Museum, Radio Museum

Theatres: Transbaikalia Regional Drama Theatre, "Tridevyatoye Tsarstvo" Transbaikalia State Puppet Theatre, "Zabaykalskie Uzory" National Cultures Theatre, "Zabaikalye" Municipal Folklore Theatre

Natural sites and parks: Botanical Garden

Expo centres: Transbaikalian Regional Museum and Exhibition Centre

Sports venues and clubs: "Locomotive" Stadium, SibVO Stadium, "Yunost" Stadium, "Ice Palace" Sports and Entertainment Complex, "Megapolis Sport" Sports Complex, "Zabaikalets-Energiya" Sports Complex, "Charoit" Ice Sports Complex, Sports Palace, "Neptun" Swimming Pool, Hasoen Hakimov Hippodrome, "Vysokogorie" Ski Resort

Performance sites: Transbaikal Regional Philharmonic, Railwaymen Culture Palace, Russian Army Officers District House

Entertainment sites: Zoo, "Udokan" Cinema, "Centavr" Cinema, "Brigantine" Cinema, "Sputnik" Cinema, "Cometa" Cinema, "Mir" Culture and Recreation Centre, "Pyramida" Club, "Plan B" Club, "Mix" Club

Restaurants of national cuisine: Sarafan, Guranych (Russian), Khutorok (Ukrainian), Chitinka (Azerbaijani), Eldorado (Armenian), Shamrock (European), Sim-Sim (Italian), Russkiy Shanghai (Chinese), Niyama, Izumi, Sakura, Ginza (Japanese)

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