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Kineshma Hotels (Ivanovo region)

Kineshma is the second largest town in Ivanovo Oblast, Russia. The town had 95,233 inhabitants as of the 2002 Census. It sprawls for some fifteen kilometres along the Volga River. Kineshma is Russian city that is the administrative center of the Kineshemskaya region of the Ivanovo county and is the largest port on the Volga. The city is located on the right of the Volga coast, 100 km from the county center Ivanovo, and contains around 5,000 hectares of riverside land on an area bigger than 15 km. Kineshma is located in the area known as "Switzerland Volga" and has a wonderful landscape and climate that will be attractive to tourists. Kineshma is the second largest city in terms of population and industry in the Ivanovo county.

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