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Kineshma Hotels (Ivanovo region)


Name: Russia

Country: UTC+4

Time zone: 49 sq. km

Area: 0,086 million (2014)

Population: 1504

Founded in: mild continental

Climate: -20°C to 0°C in winter, 8°C to 24,4°C in summer

Average temperature: +7 (49331)

Area code: Kineshma

Airports: Kineshma

Train stations: Kineshma

Bus stations: Orthodox: Trinity Assumption Cathedral, Ascension of the Lord Church, Zlatoust Church, Saviour Transfiguration Church, Annunciation Church, St. Sergius of Radonezh Church, Presentation of the Lord Church, Exaltation of the Cross Chapel, St. Basil of Kineshma Chapel

Religious buildings: Public Offices, Nobility House, Treasury, Red and White Shopping Arcades, Baranov Trading House, Nickolskiy Bridge over the Kineshemka River, University building, Secondary School building, Tikhomirov House, "Passage" Cinema building, V.I. Lenin City Publishing House, Verkhnevolzhsky Bank building, Mindovsky Former Linen Factory building, Old Railway Station building, Kineshma Soviet of Workers' and Soldiers' Deputies building, A.N. Ostrovsky Kineshma Drama Theatre building, Manufacturers Sevryugovy Estate

Architectural landmarks: Kineshma Voivod Fyodor Boborykin and Militias, V.I. Lenin, A.M. Vasilevsky, A.N. Ostrovsky, M.I. Kalinin, Killed in the Great Patriotic War, Kineshma Citizens - Liquidators of the Chernobyl Accident Consequences Memorial

Statues and memorials: Local Lore Museum, Art and History Museum, "Kineshema Felt Boot" Museum, A.N. Ostrovsky Kineshma Drama Theatre History Museum, "Russian izba" Restaurant Museum, Art Salon

Museums: St. Basil the Bishop of Kineshma House Museum

House museums: A.N. Ostrovsky Drama Theatre, Raskatov Young Spectators Theatre, "Piligrim" People's Puppet Theatre

Theatres: 35th anniversary of the Victory Culture and Recreation Park

Natural sites and parks: "Volzhanin" Stadium, CJSC "Elektrokontakt" Stadium, JSC "Sports and Recreation Centre" Sports Complex, "Tomna" Sports Club, "Kaskad" Sports Club

Sports venues and clubs: City Culture Centre, "Kontakt" Culture Centre

Performance sites: "Passage" Culture and Entertainment Centre, "RIM" Youth Recreation Centre

Entertainment sites: Russkaya Izba, Sadko (Russian), Veneciya, Pivgrad, Mirnaya Pristan (European), Kineshma, Lydia (International)

Restaurants of national cuisine:

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