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Name: Lviv

Country: Ukraine

Time zone: UTC+2

Area: 192,01 sq. km

Population: 0,758 million (2013)

Founded in: 1256

Climate: mild continental

Average temperature: -6,1°C to 1,3°C in winter, 11,3°C to 23,9°C in summer

Area code: 38032

Airports: Lviv

Train stations: Lviv

Bus stations: Lviv

Religious buildings: Orthodox: Dormition Church, Christ the Saviour Church, St. Onuphrius Church, Transfiguration Church, St. George Church, St. Nicholas Church, St. Paraskeva Church; Catholic: Latin Cathedral, St. Peter and Paul Church, Mother of Perpetual Help Church, St. Anthony Church, St. Olha and Elizabeth Church, St. George Cathedral; Judaism: Beis Aharon ve Israel Synagogue; Armenian: Armenian Cathedral; Baptism: Evangelical Christians-Baptists Central Church

Architectural landmarks: Ensemble of the Historic Centre, King Jan III Sobieski House, ?ozi?ski Palace, Potocki Palace, St. John the Baptist Church, Benedictine Nunnery and Church, St. Casimir Church, Poor Clares Church

Statues and memorials: Adam Mickiewicz, Ivan Franko, King Danylo, Taras Shevchenko, Ivan Fedorov, Solomiya Krushelnytska, Ivan Pidkova, Mykhailo Hrushevskyi, Pope John Paul II, Jan Kili?ski, Ivan Trush, St. George, Bartosz G?owacki, Virgin Mary, Nikifor, Good Soldier ?vejk, Stepan Bandera, Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, Glory Monument, Glory Hill

Museums: Lviv Historical Museum, National Museum, Ethnographic Museum, Lviv Art Gallery, Oldest Monuments Museum, Pharmacy Museum, Lviv Arsenal, Ivan Franko National University of Lviv Archaeological Museum, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Natural History Museum, Ivan Franko National University of Lviv Zoological, Mineralogical and Geological Museum, First Half of the XX Century Literature Museum, Religion History Museum, Dniester Mermaid Museum, Ancient Graphic Techniques Museum, Ancient Ukrainian Book Art Museum, Carpathian Military District History Museum, Lviv Railway History Museum, Marian Panchyshyn Galicia Medicine History Museum, Furniture and Porcelain Museum, Metrology and Measurement Technology Museum, Shevchenkovskiy Gai Folk Architecture and Life Museum, Postal Museum, Brewery Museum, Bread Museum, Contemporary Art Museum, Boxing Museum

House museums: Ivan Franko Memorial Literary Museum, Feodosia Bryzh Memorial Workshop-Museum, Ivan Trush Memorial Art Museum, Oleksa Novakivskiy Memorial Art Museum, Leopold Levitskiy Art Memorial Workshop Museum, Helena Kulchitskaya Art Memorial Museum, M. Hrushevskyi State Memorial Museum, Krushelnytska Musical Memorial Museum, S. Lyudkevych Musical Memorial Museum

Theatres: Opera and Ballet Theatre, Ukrainian Drama Theatre, Youth Drama Theatre, Western Operational Command Drama Theatre, Voskresenie Theatre, I ludi I Kukly Theatre, Children and Youth Theatre, Puppet Theatre

Natural sites and parks: Ivan Franko Park, Vysokiy Zamok Park,Stryiskyi Park, Lychakivskiy Park, Zheleznaya Voda Park, Znesinnya Landscape Park, Pogulyanka Park, Bohdan Khmelnytsky Culture and Recreation Park, Snopkovsky Park

Expo centres: Shuvar Expo Centre, Lemberg Expo Centre

Sports venues and clubs: Arena Lviv Stadium (FC Karpaty)

Performance sites: Philharmonic, Organ Music House

Entertainment sites: Kinopark Drive-in Cinema

Restaurants of national cuisine: Kriїvka, Naydorozhcha Restoratsіya Galichiny, Kentavr, Sem Porosyat, Pod Clepsydroy (Ukrainian), Kupol (Polish), Pod Zolotoy Rozoy (Jewish), Venskaya Kofeinya (Austro-Hungarian)

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