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Omsk Hotels (Omsk region)


Name: Omsk

Country: Russia

Time zone: GMT +6

Area: 572,9 sq km

Population: 1,15 million (2010)

Founded in: 1716

Climate: continental

Average temperature: -10°C to -22°C in winter, +12°C to +25°C in summer

Area code: +7 (3812)

Airports: Omsk

Train stations: Omsk

Ports: river terminal (Irtysh river)

Bus stations: Omsk

Religious buildings: Orthodox: Cossack St.Nicholas Cathedral, Holy Assumption Cathedral, Holy Cross Exaltation Cathedral, Seraphim of Sarov the Wonderworker and Holy Hierarch Alexey Chapel, Consolation of All Sorrows Icon of the Virgin Church, Achair Holy Cross Convent (Achair village, 40 km from Omsk)

Architectural landmarks: Omsk Fortress Tobolsk Gate, Omsk Krepost Tarsk Gate, Omsk Cadet Corps, Merchant Batyushkin House, Fire Tower, Omsk Raiway Management, Lenin Street

Statues and memorials: V.Lenin, F.Dostoyevsky, M.Vrubel, G.Zhukov, Victims of Kolchak Terror, Fighters of the Revolution Memorial Park, Glory to the Heroes Memorial

Museums: State History and Local Lore Museum, Vrubel Omsk Region Fine Arts Museum, Dostoyevsky State Literature Museum [9], Liberov Centre State Regional Fine Art Museum , Omsk Natives Military Glory Museum Complex, Omsk Art City Museum, City Theatre Arts Museum

House-Museums of: K.Belov

Theatres: State Academic Drama Theatre, Pyaty Teatr State Drama Theatre, State Music Theatre, Galerka State Drama Theatre, Yermolayeva Studio City Drama Theatre, Goncharuk Little Theatre, Arlekin State Puppet, Actor and Mask Theatre, Young Spectator’s Theatre, Lyceum Drama Theatre

Natural sites and parks: VLKSM 30th Anniversary Culture and Leisure Park, Sovetsky Culture and Leisure Park, Zelyony Ostrov Culture and Leisure Park, Victory 30th Anniversary Culture and Leisure Park

Expo centres: Omsk Expo, Intersib

Sports venues and clubs: Krasnaya Zvezda Stadium, Krasnaya Zvezda Indoor Manege (FC Irtysh), Arena Omsk Sports Complex (HC Avangard, JHC Omskiye Yastreby), Blinov Sports and Concert Complex (WVC Omichka), Ermak Sports Complex (WVC Omichka-2), Sibirsky Neftyanik Sports Complex (BC Neftyanik), Avangard Sports Complex (Handball Club Skif)

Performance sites: State Philharmonic Hall, Zvyozdny Palace of Culture

Entertainment sites: State Circus, Youth Centre of Ecology and Biology, Bolsherechensk State Zoo (Bolsherechye village, 198 km from Omsk)

Restaurants of national cuisine: Russian: Razgulyaev, Petrov Vodkin, Gzhel

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