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Sovetsk Kaliningrad reg. Hotels (Kaliningrad region)


Name: Sovetsk

Country: Russia

Region: Kaliningrad Region

Time zone: UTC+2

Area: 44,4 sq. km

Population: 0,041 million (2015)

Founded in: 1385

Climate: continental

Average temperature: -5°C to 2°C in winter, 10°C to 23°C in summer

Area code: +7 (40161)

Train stations: Sovetsk

Bus stations: Sovetsk

Religious buildings: Orthodox: Three Hierarchs Cathedral, Holy Trinity Church, Pochayevskaya Mother of God Icon Church; Catholic: Resurrection of Christ Parish

Architectural landmarks: Tilsit Castle ruins, Tilsit Theatre building, Queen Louise Theatre building, Tilsit Post Office building, "The Three Patriarchs" Lodge building, Brewing Equity Company building, Boys Real Gymnasium building, Elementary School building, Tilsit Civil Court building, Merchant Society Warehouses, Tilsit Classical Gymnasium, Lithuanian Dragoon Regiment Barracks, Villa Franca, Almshouse, Atlantes House, Mueller-Stahl House, Timber Merchant Villa, Evangelical-Lutheran Church of the Cross, Ascension of Christ Church, Reformed Church, Queen Louise Bridge, Water Tower, Railway Station

Statues and memorials: Queen Louise, Academician I.P. Pavlov, M.I. Glinka, V.I. Lenin, First Settlers, Liberator Soldier, Tram, "Moose" Sculpture, Napoleon's Linden, "Tank" Memorial Complex, 1870-1871 Franco-Prussian War Victory Memorial Stone, Treaties of Tilsit Signing Monument

Museums: City History Museum, Military Equipment Museum

Theatres: Tilsit Theatre

Natural sites and parks: Jakobsruhe Park, Victory Park, Melnichnyi Pond

Sports venues and clubs: "Krasnaya Zvezda" Stadium (FC "Krasnaya Zvezda", FC "Fortuna"), "Druzhba" Sports and Fitness Complex (HC "Tilsit", HC "Yantar")

Performance sites: Zelenyi Theatre (Thingplatz)

Entertainment sites: "Parus" Culture and Leisure Centre, "Lumen Film" Cinema

Restaurants of national cuisine: Sovok (Russian), Bonovita (European)

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