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Taganrog Hotels (Rostov-on-Don region)


Name: Taganrog

Country: Russia

Time zone: UTC+3

Area: 80 sq. km

Population: 0,253 million (2014)

Founded in: 1698

Climate: mild continental

Average temperature: -7,9°C to 3,8°C in winter, 13,7°C to 31,5°C in summer

Area code: +7 (8634)

Airports: Taganrog-Yuzhnyi

Train stations: Taganrog-Passazhirskiy, Taganrog II

Bus stations: Taganrog

Religious buildings: Orthodox: St. George's Church, St. Nicholas Church, St. Sergius Church, Holy Trinity Church, All Saints Church, Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church, St. Paul of Taganrog Chapel, Kazan Icon of the Mother of God Chapel; Catholic: Holy Trinity Church; Protestant: Seventh-day Adventists Church, "Central" Evangelical Christians-Baptists Church, "Bethany" Evangelical Christians-Baptists Church, "Exodus" Evangelical Christians-Pentecostals Church, "Heavenly Way" Evangelical Presbyterian Christians Chapel

Architectural landmarks: Trinity Fortress ruins, Old Railway Station building, Alpheraki Palace, Raphailovich House, Sharonov House, Tchaikovsky House, Round House, Peter Barracks, Depaldo Stairs, Cherepakha Islet, Underground City

Statues and memorials: Peter I, Alexander I, V.I. Lenin, F.E. Dzerzhinsky, Ataman Platov, A.P. Chekhov, A.S. Pushkin, M. Gorky, F.G. Ranevskaya, Giuseppe Garibaldi, Korolyov and Gagarin, Azov Fleet Sailors, Tankers, Victims of Radiation Disasters, Defenders of Taganrog during the Crimean War, 300th Anniversary of Taganrog Monument, Metallurgists Memorial, Combine Constructors Memorial, Prisoners of Nazi Camps Memorial Sign, "Friendship does not rust" Sculpture, "Mercury" Sculpture, "Star" Sculpture, "The Oath of youth" Sculpture, "Artemka" Sculpture, "The Cherry Orchard" Sculpture, "Egyptian Pyramid" Sculpture, "Romance with a Double Bass" Sculpture, "Man in a Case" Sculpture, "Fat and Thin" Sculpture

Museums: Local History Museum, Taganrog City Architectural Development Museum, A.P. Chekhov Literature Museum, "Chekhov Shop" Museum, Taganrog Art Museum, Taganrog Military Museum, International Polytechnic Museum, TTI YFU Technical Museum, Taganrog Aviation Museum, Riot Police Museum, Liquidators of Chernobyl Disaster Museum, TKZ "Krasnyi Kotelshik" Museum, Emperor Alexander I Palace, St. Paul of Taganrog Cell, Tchaikovsky House, "Piter" Gallery

House museums: Anton Chekhov Birth House, I.D. Vasilenko House Museum, A.A. Durov House Museum, Faina Ranevskaya Apartment Museum

Theatres: Chekhov Drama Theatre, N. Malygina Youth Theatre, "SaD" Theatre

Natural sites and parks: Gorky Culture and Recreation Park, Seaside Park, 300th Anniversary of Taganrog Park, "Dubki" Grove, "Cherepakha" Grove, Chekhov Embankment, Pushkin Embankment

Expo centres: Chekhov Public Library Exhibition Hall

Sports venues and clubs: "Priboy" Sports Palace, "Krasnyi Kotelshchik" Sports Palace, "Olymp" Sports Palace, "Krasnyi Gidropress" Sports Palace, Ice Palace, Taganrog Tennis Academy, "Lazurnyi" Ice Rink

Performance sites: Taganrog Youth Palace, City Culture Centre, "Festivalnyi" Culture Palace, "Olymp" Concert Hall, Alpheraki Palace Concert Hall, Chekhov Public Library Concert Hall

Entertainment sites: "Azovye" Taganrog Circus, "Kino-NEO" Cinema, "Charlie" Cinema, "Luch" Cinema, "400 Udarov" Cinema Club, "Cult-Kino" Cinema Club, "Lazurnyi" Water Park, "Ryabinushka" Aqua Centre

Restaurants of national cuisine: Russkiy Chai, Garibaldi, Seryi Kot (Russian), Freken Bok, Remy, Assorti, Chocolad, La Bouche, Bazener (European), Shashlychnyi Dvor (Azerbaijani, Armenian, Georgian), Dva Funta (American), Hatiko (Korean, Japanese), Ris (Uzbek, Italian, Chinese, Thai, Japanese)

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