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Tver Hotels (Tverskaya region)


Name: Tver

: Russia

: UTC+3

: 152,22 sq. km

: 0,411 million (2014)

: 1135

: mild continental

: -11,3°C to -3,4°C in winter, 10,8°C to 25,4°C in summer

: +7 (4822)

: Tver

: Tver

: Orthodox: Nativity of Christ Convent, St. Catherine Convent, Resurrection Cathedral, Trinity Cathedral, Ascension Cathedral, Assumption Cathedral, Intercession of the Virgin Church; Catholic: Holy Transfiguration Church; Armenian: Surb Harutiun Armenian Apostolic Church; Judaism: Rachel Shakhter Synagogue; Muslim: Mosque

: Catherine II Travel Palace, Nobility House, Magistrate, Former Nobility Assembly building, Gymnasium building, Railway Station building, River Station building, Academic Theatre building, "Zvezda" Cinema building, Voroshilov Shooters House, Ascension Church, Nativity of Christ Monastery

: A.S. Pushkin, I.A. Krylov, M.E. Saltykov-Shchedrin, S.Y. Lemeshev, Prince Mikhail Yaroslavich, Afanasy Nikitin, Cyril and Methodius, A.P. Vagzhanov, G.K. Zhukov, V.I. Lenin, M.I. Kalinin, Karl Marx, Mikhail Krug, Fighters for the World October, Victims of Political Repressions, Liquidators of the Chernobyl Accident, Internationalist Soldiers, "Friendship of Peoples" Monument, "Treaty of Thousands" Monument, Golovinskaya Column, Victory Obelisk, "City of Military Glory" Stele Monument, Founders of the Tver Muzeum Memorial Sign

: Tver State Joint Museum, Tver Regional Art Gallery, Tver Life Museum, Tver Region Communication Museum, Tver Railwaymen Museum

: M.E. Saltykov-Shchedrin Museum

: Tver Regional Academic Drama Theatre, Tver Folk Drama Theatre, Tver State Puppet Theatre, Tver Regional Youth Theatre

: Komsomolskaya Grove, Pervomaiskaya Grove, Bobachevskaya Grove, Berezovaya Grove, Sakharov Park, Tver State University Botanical Garden, City Garden, Victory Park, Tekstilschikov Park, Chinese Park

: Tver City Museum and Exhibition Centre, Tver Regional Lisa Chaikina Museum and Exhibition Complex

: "Khimik" Stadium (FC "Volga"), "Yubileinyi" Sport Complex (HC "THK")

: Tver Regional Academic Philharmonic Hall

: Tver State Circus, "Zvezda" Cinema, "Silver Cinema" Cinema, "Kultura" Club, "Morozov Hall" Club, "Zebra" Club, "Lazurnyi" Entertainment Centre

: Gubernator (Russian, Azerbaijani, Georgian), Staryi Chemodan, Dophin, Mamonts, Margarita, Yar, Parkyer, Burokrat (European), Prichal (Uzbek), Niyama, Planeta Sushi, Krasnyi Drakon, Killfish (Japanese), Cactus (Mexican)

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