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Бирска Hotels (Bashkortostan republic)


Name: Birsk

Country: Russia

Time zone: UTC+5

Area: 77,31 sq. km

Population: 0,044 million (2014)

Founded in: 1663

Climate: continental

Area code: +7 (34784)

Bus stations: Birsk

Religious buildings: Orthodox: St. Nicholas the Wonderworker Church, Michael the Archangel Church; Muslim: Cathedral Mosque

Architectural landmarks: Holy Trinity Cathedral, Merchant P.A. Konovalov House, Merchant K.G. Sizov House, Merchant S.I. Ivanov House, Merchant I.M. Motygin House, Tradeswoman M.P. Morozova House, Midwife Vatlashova House, Pharmacist M.B. Grebeshok Store, Siberian Commercial Bank Branch building, City Council building, Female Grammar School building, Secondary School building, Trade School building, Fire Tower, Arch in honor of the 5th anniversary of the Birsk Fire Brigade acceptance in the Imperial Firefighting Society in 1914

Statues and memorials: V.I. Lenin, H.L. Davletshina, Merchant - Founder of the City, Fallen Fellow Soldiers, Unknown Soldier, E. Pugachev Rebellion Stone, 50th anniversary of Birsk Oilmen, Birsk Citizens - Heroes of the USSR Memorial Complex

Museums: Historical Museum

Theatres: "Buratino" Children's Puppet Theatre, "Perspektiva" Alternative Theatre

Natural sites and parks: Victory Park, "Sokolok" Park, "Berendey" Children's Arboretum

Sports venues and clubs: "Spartak" Stadium (FK "Birskiy Spartak"), "Birskiy" Sports Complex

Performance sites: City Culture Palace, "Raduga" Children's Creativity Centre Concert Hall

Entertainment sites: "Avrora" Entertainment Complex

Restaurants of national cuisine: Okhota (European, Japanese)

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