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Черняховска Hotels (Kaliningrad region)


Name: Chernyakhovsk

Country: Russia

Region: Kaliningrad Region

Time zone: UTC+2

Area: 58 sq. km

Population: 0,037 million (2015)

Founded in: 1336

Climate: mild continental

Average temperature: -4° to 2° in winter, 11° to 23° in summer

Area code: +7 (40141)

Train stations: Chernyakhovsk

Bus stations: Chernyakhovsk

Religious buildings: Orthodox: Michael the Archangel Church

Architectural landmarks: St. Bruno of Querfurt Church, Michael the Archangel Church, Insterburg Castle, Georgenburg Castle, Zaalau Castle, Bismarck Tower, Water Tower, Children's Music School building, Children's Art School building, Secondary School for Boys building, Former Maternity Hospital building, Central City Market building, Railway Station building, Brandes Villa, New Town Hall

Statues and memorials: Barclay de Tolly, I.D. Chernyakhovsky, Victory of Russian Troops in the Gross-Egersdorf Battle Obelisk, 200th Anniversary of the Gross-Egersdorf Battle Monument, Fallen in Battle Uhlans of 12th Regiment "Comrades" Monument, Great Patriotic War Memorial, Annchen of Torrau Memorial Stone, Deer Sculpture

Museums: V.I. Yanovskiy Historical Museum

Natural sites and parks: City Park, Victory Park, Frieda Jung Park

Sports venues and clubs: "Progress" Stadium (FC "Progress"), "Georgenburg" Stud Farm

Performance sites: District Culture Centre, Officers' Club

Entertainment sites: "Tornado" Nightclub, "Aurum" Nightclub

Restaurants of national cuisine: Kochar, Classic, Galaxy, Schastye Yest (Russian, European)

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