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Феодосии Hotels (Krym republic)


Name: Feodosia

Country: Russia

Time zone: UTC +3

Area: 42,29 sq. km

Population: 0,069 million (2014)

Founded in: VI century BC.

Climate: subtropical

Average temperature: -1,1°C to 6,5°C in winter, 16,8°C to 29,1°C in summer

Area code: +7 (3806562)

Train stations: Feodosia, Aivazovskaya

Bus stations: Feodosia

Religious buildings: Orthodox: Iverskaya Icon of the Mother of God Church, Presentation of Mary Church, All Saints Church, Kazan Icon of the Mother of God Church, St. Catherine Church; Armenian: St. Sargis Church; Muslim: Mufti-Jami Mosque

Architectural landmarks: Genoese Fortress, Aivazovsky Art Gallery building, Railway Station building, Children's Music School No.1 building, Secondary School No.1 building, New Communication Hub building, "Crimea" Cinema building, "Lydia" Hotel building, "Alye Parusa" Hotel building, "Ai-Petri" Scientific Base building, Polytechnic School building, "Victoria" Mansion-Villa, "Milos" Dacha, "Villa" Dacha, "Flora" Dacha, "Aida" Dacha, I. Stamboli Dacha

Statues and memorials: I.K. Aivazovsky, A.S. Pushkin, A.R. Dovzhenko, N.M. Sokovnin, I.A. Nazukin, V.I. Lenin, St. Andrew, Afanasy Nikitin, Vita Korobkov, Theodosia Landing, Knights of the deep sea, Heroes - Submariners, Chernobyl Victims, Internationalist Soldiers, Deportees, Feodosia and its women, Heroes Alley, Reconciliation Bowl, "Good Genius" Memorial Fountain

Museums: I.K. Aivazovsky National Art Gallery, Local History Museum, Hang Gliding Museum, Money Museum

House museums: Alexander Grin Literary and Memorial Museum, Marina and Anastasia Tsvetaeva Museum, Vera Mukhina Museum

Natural sites and parks: Yubileiny Park, Komsomol Park, Ministry of Defence Resort Park, Matrosskiy Garden, Pushkin Garden, Heroes Alley

Sports venues and clubs: "Kristall" Stadium, "Dynamo" Stadium

Performance sites: "Zvezdny" Concert Hall, Children's Music School No.1 Grand Hall, Aivazovsky Art Gallery Grand Hall, Navy Officers House

Entertainment sites: "Crimea" Cinema, "Ukraine" Cinema, "Pioneer" Cinema, "Luna Park" Amusement Park, "Biscuit" Club, "Arcadia" Club, "Africa" Club

Restaurants of national cuisine: Sunrise, Alye Parusa, Jurajah, Bulvarnaya Gorka (European), Aragvi (Georgian), Hollywood (Japanese)

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