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Нижнекамска Hotels (Tatarstan republic)


Name: Nizhnekamsk

Country: Russia

Time zone: UTC +3

Area: 63,5 sq. km

Population: 0,235 million (2014)

Founded in: 1961

Climate: mild continental

Average temperature: -19°C to -7°C in winter, 12°C to 24°C in summer

Area code: +7 (8555)

Airports: Begishevo

Train stations: Nizhnekamsk

Bus stations: Nizhnekamsk

Religious buildings: Orthodox: Resurrection Church, Intercession of the Mother of God Church, St. Romanos the Melodist Church, St. John of Kronstadt Church; Muslim: Cathedral Mosque, Umet-Gulsum Mosque

Statues and memorials: Gabdulla Tuqay, Mullanur Vakhitov, N.V. Lemaev, E.N. Korolyov, Astronauts, First Builders, Defenders of the Motherland Fallen during the Great Patriotic War, Internationalist Soldiers who died in Afghanistan and Chechnya

Museums: City Museum Complex

Theatres: Nizhnekamsk Tatar State Drama Theatre, Young Spectators Theatre

Natural sites and parks: City Park, Central Culture and Recreation Park, ?abdulla Tuqay Park, Petrochemists Park, "Dubki" Park, Lemaev Garden, Korabelnaya Grove

Sports venues and clubs: "Neftekhimik" Sports and Culture Complex (HC "Neftekhimik", HC "Reactor"), "Neftekhimik" Stadium (FC "Neftekhimik"), Ice Sports Palace, "Ilyinka" Culture and Sports Complex, "Aktai" Equestrian School, "Korabelnaya Roscha" Ski Base, "Almash" Ski Base

Performance sites: City Culture Centre, Concert and Creativity Centre

Entertainment sites: "Jalil" Culture and Entertainment Complex, "Cinema 5" Culture and Entertainment Centre, "Casino Paradise" Entertainment Complex, "Titan" Entertainment Complex, "Laguna" Entertainment Complex,"City Mall" Shopping and Entertainment Centre, "Akvatoriya" Beach

Restaurants of national cuisine: Waris (Russian, European), Bakhor (Uzbek), Sushi-House (Japanese), Parkoffka (Arabic)

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