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Пятигорска Hotels (Stavropol region)


Name: Pyatigorsk

Country: Russia

Time zone: UTC +3

Area: 97 sq. km

Population: 0,145 million (2014)

Founded in: 1780

Climate: mild continental

Average temperature: -7,7°C to 2,9°C in winter, 12,6°C to 27°C in summer

Area code: +7 (8793)

Airports: Mineralnye Vody

Train stations: Pyatigorsk

Bus stations: Pyatigorsk

Religious buildings: Orthodox: Christ the Savior Cathedral, Michael the Archangel Cathedral, St. Tikhon Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Church, Mother of God "Joy of All Who Sorrow" Church, St. George Church, St. Nicholas Church, Intercession of the Holy Virgin Church, Lazarus Church, Three Great Saints Church, Assumption Church, Second Athos Monastery; Armenian: St. Sarkis Church; Catholic: Transfiguration Church; Protestant: Evangelical Christians-Baptists Prayer House, Seventh Day Adventists Prayer House; Muslim: Mosque; Judaism: Synagogue; Other: Jehova's Witnesses Kingdom Hall

Architectural landmarks: Transfiguration Church Ensemble, Musical Theatre building, Architect S.I. Upton House, Borisoglebskiy House, Baumgolts House, Ushakov Mansion, Zipalova Estate, Chilayev Estate, Elsa Dacha, Forestry House, "Evropa" Hotel building, "Tsentral" Hotel building, Yermolovskiye Baths building, Azov-Don Bank building, Lermontov Gallery, Academicheskaya Gallery, Michailovskaya Gallery, Diana's Grotto, "Aeolian Harp" Pavilion, "Chinese" Pavilion

Statues and memorials: M.Y. Lermontov, G.G. Andzhievsky, Y.A. Gagarin, A.P. Ermolov, S.M. Kirov, P.M. Kozlov, V.I. Lenin, A.S. Pushkin, L.N. Tolstoy, K.L. Khetagurov, Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan and other crisis spots, School Pupils who died during the Great Patriotic War, "Fire of Eternal Glory" Memorial Complex, Liquidators of the Chernobyl Accident Monument, "Memorial Wall" Monument, M.Y. Lermontov Duel Site Monument, Civil War Fighters Obelisk, Walk of Fame, Ostap Bender Sculpture, Kisa Vorobyaninov Sculpture, "Eagle" Sculpture

Museums: M.Y. Lermontov State Museum Reserve, Pyatigorsk Local History Museum, Resort Exhibition, Military Glory Museum, "First Steps of Electric Power Industry" Museum, Pyatigorsk State Research Institute of Balneology Museum, "Sevkavgiprovodhoz" Museum, Television Museum, PSLU Museum, Pyatigorsk Police Museum, Insects Museum, Caucasus Mountain Society Mountain-Literary Museum

Theatres: Stavropol State Regional Operetta Theatre

Natural sites and parks: "Tsvetnik" Park, Kirov Culture and Leisure Park, Komsomol Park, Victory Park, Orekhovaya Grove, Perkalsky Arboretum Nursery, Proval Lake, Tambukan Lake, Mashuk Mountain

Sports venues and clubs: "Tsentralnyi" Stadium (FC "Mashuk-KMV"), "Selmash" Stadium, Racecourse

Performance sites: "Kamerton" Concert Hall, Philharmonic Society

Entertainment sites: "Cosmos" Cinema, "Drugar" Cinema, Planetarium, "Gorod Solntsa" Entertainment Complex, "Diesel" Entertainment Centre, "Raduga" Entertainment Centre, "Limpopo" Children's Entertainment Complex

Restaurants of national cuisine: Kilikia (Russian, European), Hermitage, Lakia, Fontan, Mami, Nostalgie (European), Roma Pizza, Il Gusto (Italian), Pechorin, Kavkazskiy Dvorik, The Friends, Panorama (Caucasian), Shashlychnaya (Georgian), Shalashy (Azerbaijani), Tysyacha I Odna Noch (Oriental)

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