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Томска Hotels (Tomsk region)


Name: Tomsk

Country: Russia

Time zone: GMT+6

Area: 294,6 sq. km

Population: 0,557 million (2014)

Founded in: 1604

Climate: continental

Average temperature: -20,8°C to -9,5°C in winter, 10,5°C to 24,8°C in summer

Area code: +7 (3822)

Airports: Bogashevo

Train stations: Tomsk

Bus stations: Tomsk

Religious buildings: Orthodox: Epiphany Cathedral, Peter and Paul Cathedral, St. Trinity Church, Resurrection Church, Kazanskaya Church, Blessed Sergius of Radonezh Church, Holy Sign Painter Church, Faithful Saint Prince Alexander Nevsky Church; Muslim: White Cathedral Mosque; Lutheran: St. Mary's Church

Architectural landmarks: County Courthouse, Tomsk State University Scientific Library Building, P.I. Makushin House of Science, TGASU Red Building, Exchange House, City Pawnshop, T.T. de Villeneuve Commandant's House, Governor's House, House With a Tent, House With Dragons, L.D. Zhelyabo Merchant Houses Ensemble

Statues and memorials: G.S. Baten'kov, V.V. Vakhrushev, A.F. Ivanov, S.M. Kirov, I. Kononov, O.V. Coshevoy, V.A. Obruchev, G.N. Potanin, N.P. Putintsev, A.S. Pushkin, A.P. Chekhov, N.N. Rukavishnikov, M.A. Usov, V.Y. Shishkov, I.S. Chernykh, Tomsk Residents Military and Labor Glory Memorial of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War, Cross in memory of those killed during the Stalinist repression, Nemesis, Pregnant woman, Janitor, Electrician, Happiness, Ruble, Baby in Cabbage, The Wizard of Oz characters

Museums: Tomsk History Museum, Tomsk Regional Local Lore Museum, NKVD Remand Prison, Planetarium, Tomsk Regional Fine Arts Museum, Wooden Architecture Museum, House of Arts Literature Museum, Slavic Mythology Museum, Tomsk Forest Museum, Theological School Museum, Volshebnaya Strana Childrens' Museum

Theatres: Drama Theatre, Chamber Drama Theatre, Young Spectator's Theatre, Skomorokh Regional Puppet and Actor Theatre, Dva Plus Qu Living Puppets Theatre, ETNOS Actors, Puppets and Shadows Theatre, Versia Theatre

Natural sites and parks: University Grove

Expo centres: Technopark Tomsk International Business Centre

Sports venues and clubs: Trud Stadium (FC Tom'), Jupiter SC (VC Tomichka-Jupiter), Cristall Ice Palace, Sports and Entertainment Palace

Performance sites: Large Concert Hall, Tomsk State Regional Philharmonic

Entertainment sites: Kinomaks Cinema, Kinomir Cinema, Fakel Culture and Entertainment Centre, Shariki Entertainment Centre

Restaurants of national cuisine: Korchma "U Tarasa" (Ukrainian), Malenkaya Asia, DJ Bar Tokio (Japanese), Perchini (Italian)

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