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Уссурийска Hotels (Primorsky region)


Name: Ussuriysk

Country: Russia

Time zone: UTC+10

Area: 173 sq. km

Population: 0,166 million (2014)

Founded in: 1866

Climate: monsoon

Average temperature: -18, 9° to -5,7° in winter, 12,4° to 24,7° in summer

Area code: +7 (4234)

Train stations: Ussuriysk

Bus stations: Ussuriysk

Religious buildings: Orthodox: Intercession of the Holy Virgin Church, St. Nicholas Church; Protestant: Evangelical Christians-Baptists Church, "Grace" Christian Presbyterian Church

Architectural landmarks: Former Female Grammar School building

Statues and memorials: Turtle Stone Sculpture, Plumber, Steam Locomotive EL-629

Museums: Ussuri Local Lore and History Museum, Ussuriysk History Museum, Ussuri State Pedagogical Institute Nature Museum

Theatres: Komissarzhevskaya Drama Theatre, Eastern Military District Drama Theatre

Natural sites and parks: Dora Park, "Zelenyi Ostrov" Park, Komarov Nature Reserve

Expo centres: Artists House

Sports venues and clubs: "Patriot" Stadium, "Raduga" Sports Complex, "Ice Arena" Sports Complex, "Xtreme" Sports and Entertainment Centre, "Delfin" Swimmimg Pool, "Chaika" Swimming Pool

Performance sites: "Iskra" Culture and Leisure Centre, "Druzhba" Culture Centre, "Yunost" Culture Centre, "Gorizont" Youth Centre

Entertainment sites: Circus, "Sapsan" Zoo, "Rossiya" Cinema, "Sharoff" Bowling Club, "Bukhta Barakhta" Children's Entertainment Centre, "Labyrinth" Children's Entertainment Centre, "Asteroid" Children's Entertainment Centre, "Fantasiya" Children's Entertainment Centre

Restaurants of national cuisine: Marco Polo, Sorbonna (Russian, European), Parizh (French), Abris, Belyi Drakon, Pekin, Harbin (China), Maki, Nami (Japanese), Shanghai (Uzbek, Chinese, Russian, Korean), Flamingo (International)

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